Zhongshan Jvtech Technology Co., Ltd.

RELEASE TIME:2018-05-11 14:35:59AUTHOR:Zhongshan Jvtech Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Jvtech Silicone Products Co., Ltd. is a new rising technology company founded in 2010. It is specialized in silicone mold making and product development. Since its foundation, Jvtech has been taking part in the technology discussion and project development with major silicone product makers and machinery companies in European countries and America. Jvtech is regarded as one of the leading silicone molding solution providers with the know-how in liquid silicone rubber molding technology like pin-valve cool runner, vacuuming, etc.
Jvtech delivers silicone as well as plastic molding solutions to water-proof electronic parts(co-injection), smart wears, flash-free automotive sealing, multi-layers breathing mask, catheter, baby feeding, household products, bathroom accessories, kitchen ware, etc.
Jvtech, drives silicone molding to no limits.